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LOVE - Relationships / Friendships / Soulmates
MONEY - Career / Success / New Projects / Business
PAST LIVES - Weight Issues / Fears / Creativity / Life Path
MANIFESTING - Law of Attraction / Manifest Your Life / The Secret
DREAM INTERPRETATION - Meanings / Symbols / Connections / Visions

My connection is with Source.  I see Soul Mate relationships clearly, and I pass along all messages I receive, in order that you may find the answers you seek. My readings will address your deepest concerns in a professional and straight-to-the-point way. I let you know your options and what responses might best work for you in your life.

I use my ability in conjunction with Tarot cards, runes and pendulums.  When I use cards, they include, but are not limited to, the Morgan Greer Tarot, Gypsy Lenormand Oracle Deck, Gipsy Cards, Lenormand Tarot and the Universal Love deck. Everyone has guides (angels,  oversouls, ascended masters) who help us on our path.  I get strong information about your life path and its direction, simply by interacting with those around you.  Our guides see our life with much more clarity than we

What I promise is psychic counseling and readings that make use of the spirits, guides and energy you currently have around you.  Your life has an energy all its own and I provide a different point of view that may enable you to more clearly see the many choices you have. 



Have a question you want answered privately? For just $10 you can have that important question answered. I email you a comprehensive response to your concern.  Need to know what a love is thinking? When is that promotion coming through?  Is a friend telling the truth? You receive 5 STAR answers to your questions, getting the very best response. Once Paypal is completed, email me your question. 

Single Question   $10.00



Offers a look based on your 13 months ahead.  This reading focuses on health, love, success, joy and relationships, as well as spirits or your guides.  Past lives come at times and show connections. I guide you forward on your path with honest responses and no sugar coating.  My five stars and 40+ years with clients, means you get a superior reading and sound advice. 

Once PayPal is done, send me an Email so that I may connect with you.


Over 25 years ago, I developed a method of revealing past
lifetimes, through my years of study in metaphysics and Cabala  I have
been using this method ever since, with overwhelming success and accuracy. I have never taught my technique to another reader. A past life reading will help you release yourself from the baggage and fears of the past. 

Once PayPal is done, send me an Email so that I may connect with you.




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